If You Come Softly Poem

If you come as softly
As the wind within the trees You may hear what I hear See what sorrow sees. If you come as lightly As threading dew I will take you gladly Nor ask more of you. You may sit beside me Silent as a breath Only those who stay dead Shall remember death. And if you come I will be silent Nor speak harsh words to you. I will not ask you why now. Or how, or what you do. We shall sit here, softly Beneath two different years And the rich between us Shall drink our tears.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mood By: Michelle

Mood: is the atmosphere or general feeling in a literary work. The general atmosphere of this novel is sad because Jeremiah is black and Ellie is white which adds to the problems they already face in their personal lives. When they go to Central Park on page 106, while they are walking together two old women ask Ellie if she's okay. It is obvious to Jeremiah they only asked that because he's black and probably thought she was in some kind of trouble like the time Anne thought the jogger was a mugger. They probably thought the same way Anne did that time. Both Anne and the women seem concerned about Ellie being with a black guy because they think she is not safe with him and it probably isn't normal for someone black to be with someone white around in public like that. On top of that, Ellie is always expecting her mother to leave her again one day. Jeremiah just feels alone most days even with his friends maybe it has to do with his parents and how his father is across the street from his mother with another women. He never knows where he is going to sleep the next night because he doesn't have just one bed to call his own. He has two,since he has no choice but to be switched around between his mother and father.